Pin-dagger of Orikthrazaus

unwieldable memory steel dagger

weapon (ranged)

-1 Dagger Cannot be handled in dagger form Critical:1d6 Continues to inflict damage until removed and to anyone who attempts to grasp it. Saving throw each turn to remove it.


The Pin-dagger was an ingenious invention of Orikthrazaus, a green dragon and librarian. Evil dragon-kind was plagued by a self proclaimed dragon slayer and cleric named Sundona, who owned a nearly impenatrable suit of enchanted dragonhide armor, said to be a gift from Pelor himself. Orikthrazaus enlisted the help of Two young red dragons to assist in forging a weapon to stop her. They made a small dagger of memory steel with a second blade where the hilt should be, which assumed the shape of Five innocent hairpins until the word “Shampoo” was spoken, at which point they would converge upon the source of the word- Namely the throat of its speaker. These were easily snuck into her bath-quarters. Orikthrauzaus laughed with satisfaction as Sundona’s bath-maidens cut their hands on the blade jutting from her throat, adding to the pink rivers collecting on the drain… From The Halls of Acid Library

PS Librarian’s note: It is unknown whether the activating word was changed, but it is likely as this “shampoo” substance is unknown to Chromatics.

Pin-dagger of Orikthrazaus

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