Terranium or Gravity Steel

Gravity bending metal, forged by gnomes.


Stats vary by artisan, but as a rule only gnomes sell and craft terranium. Items made of terranium generally are worth fifteen times the value of the base item, plus the cost of the material itself which is up to three times the cost of pure platinum, by volume. It’s natural form cannot be carried out of the Gravitus Mountain Range by traditional means as the carrier would need strength enough to carry the combined mass of the entire world, thus it’s weight is not measurable.


A remarkable metal mined from the Gravitus Mountain Range. Only gnomes know how to mine and craft it properly. In it’s natural, unrefined state in Gravitus Mine, It will pull any object to itself with the same force as the earth, unless another mass of it is closer. This allows walking on the ground, walls and ceiling of the tunnels with equal ease. This can be disorienting, and many unfamiliar visitors get lost quickly within the mine. The gnomes have perfected the art of crafting the metal to the point that they can create marvels such as boots to walk up walls, returning projectiles, floating furniture, and the famous ‘Fey-Way’, a highway between planes and space.

Terranium or Gravity Steel

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